THE INITIATIVE (background to the programme)

Liber8 has been contracted by South Lanarkshire’s Alcohol & Drug Partnership to host four recovery focussed venues. The Beacons will be in each of the 4 localities of South Lanarkshire; Hamilton, Cam/Glen, East Kilbride, Clydesdale. In the first year to 18 months, there will be two local Beacons, increased to four, by establishing a further two within 3 years.

More background to The Beacons 

The geographical areas of The Beacons are Blantyre, Lanark, East Kilbride & Cam/glen; we have identified premises for the first three, Blantyre, Cambuslang and Lanark and providing a range of activities. Work is underway to identify the final Beacons, in East Kilbride.

The vision of The Beacons is to ensure that there is visible treatment and recovery embedded into local communities by adopting an asset-based approach; developing services and care and support systems using a whole systems approach, the values of which should emphasise more compassion in the system, dignity and respect and the provision of healing environments and which are trauma informed.

There continues to be a significant number of individuals whose needs are not being met through current service provision, namely:

  • Individuals who do not engage at any level
  • Individuals who sporadically engage therefore proving difficult to achieve desired outcomes
  • Individuals who partially engage where the focus is purely on medical treatment

One main aim of The Beacons initiative is that for these individuals an increased recovery presence within communities will both maximise engagement as well as assist in achieving desired outcomes.

A key component in the delivery of The Beacons is investing in volunteers/people with lived experience; we aim to recruit and provide ongoing support for peers/volunteers. The Beacons are also committed to up skilling volunteers with lived experience, with the aim of creating a pathway into further training, college or employment opportunities, if appropriate.

Volunteers will be supported to work in a trauma informed manner and we will make efforts for the continued growth and development of The Beacons to assist in reducing stigma, increase engagement and also enable communities to identity organisations and services that can add value to local assets.