About The Beacons


What Are The Beacons?

The Beacons are a set of 4 Recovery Hubs based in each of the 4 localities of South Lanarkshire; Hamilton, Cam/Glen, Clydesdale and East Kilbride. The Beacons are hosted by Liber8, contracted by South Lanarkshire’s Alcohol & Drug Partnership.

The purpose of The Beacons is to ensure that there is visible treatment and recovery embedded into local communities. Using assertive outreach, non-clinical settings and lived experience peers, our aim is to reach individuals who aren’t currently engaging with service provision. Our welcoming and trauma-informed healing environment helps re-integrate those in recovery into the local community. Each individual’s experience here is person-centred. This means that they decide what they want to get from their time at the Beacons - whether they’re looking to share experiences in a Recovery Group, receive family support, or meet new people at a social event or a walking group.


Recovery Oriented System of Care

The Beacons adopts a ROSC model (Recovery Oriented System of Care), which means that we recognise there are many pathways to recovery.

The central focus of a ROSC is to create a system of care using the assets and resources available to them to address the full range of substance use problems in the community. We support community-based and person-centred activities and services, providing a menu of traditional treatments, talking therapies, alternative therapies, peer-led recovery initiatives and recovery support services. We also have family-specific projects for all members of a family impacted by substance use or alcohol misuse. These support services and activities build on the strengths and resilience of individuals and families to improve their health, wellbeing and quality of life.


Investing in Lived Experience

A key component in the delivery of The Beacons is investing in people with lived experience. We are committed to upskilling volunteers with lived experience with the aim of creating a pathway into further training, college or employment opportunities, if appropriate. Volunteers are provided with ongoing support to work in a trauma-informed manner and support the continued growth and development of The Beacons – increasing engagement, increasing community awareness and reducing stigma of those in recovery.

The Beacons show our local communities a different side to recovery - a side which sees people helping people to rebuild lives afresh with new friends, stronger family links, more opportunities for self-development and better prospects.