Current Vacancy

Current Vacancy : Maternity Cover 

Liber8 are seeking to recruit a Link Recovery Worker to join our team and to support the successful establishment and mobilisation of The Beacons during a period of Maternity cover that could last up to one year.

This is an ideal role for someone who is keen to develop within the not-for-profit sector, who has the professionalism, energy, creativity and drive . The main purpose of the Link Recovery Worker   

  • Provide support to people with lived experience of drug and alcohol issues on an individual and group basis.
  • Work with people in a way that promotes equality, facilitates recovery, and supports the development of the persons sense of control over their lives and recovery journey
  • To promote, contribute to and embed an environment which encourages and supports recovery principles and recovery approaches both within the Beacons and working with individuals
  • Liaise with a variety of other agencies (statutory & non statutory) re a wide range of issues (i.e. benefit claims, housing agencies, social work department, advocacy projects etc) as appropriate to facilitate, support and maximise the recovery process
  • To provide person centred recovery support to people in their recovery journey to address any social and health care needs, including oral health, Blood Borne Virus care needs etc 
  • To provide basic information and advice on substance misuse issues and recovery enquiries to individuals, partner organisations and other professionals in order to provide accurate information and improve general treatment and care provision.
  • To engage in development activities with volunteers and participants of The Beacons in order to prepare them for other appropriate opportunities.

Link Recovery Worker 

SCP 27 (£19,875) – 31(£21,807) p/a 37.5 hrs p/w) 

If you are passionate about recovery and reducing stigma then this may be the job for you! Closing Date 20th August 2021

Download a Job Information Pack here and an Appliation Pack here  

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To read more about The Beacons, continue reading below! 

What We Do

  • We connect
  • We build relationships
  • We listen
  • We grow
  • We develop

In order that we are able to do this we have volunteers with lived experience and a
specialist staff team to help facilitate all the activities provided. Their individual
specialisms are:

Recovery Coordinators

The role of the Recovery Coordinator (RC) is focused both within and out-with The Beacons. They are required to establish and shape links with our partners within the local community in order to create pathways for people who are both directly and indirectly affected by alcohol and drug use. Our skilled coordinators will facilitate a coordinated network of services: bringing together into one place key people /services /community/ volunteers, from statutory, third sector and community groups; utilising an asset-based community development approach. Much will involve bringing local people together to discuss and plan; tapping into the wide range of skill sets and assets of individuals both in the communities and within service provision.

Another aim of the Recovery Coordinators is to develop an assertive outreach approach to engage with and connect to the most vulnerable individuals. This will involve trained volunteers with lived experience being supported to develop a team of 1 st . Responders which will allow us to be more creative with engagement methods; shifting away from traditional responses to reach those not engaged with services.

Recovery Coordinators also play a role within The Beacons in how the participation of the volunteers remains empowering and sustainable for their recovery.The key component of the RC’s’ role is Relationships. These will continually be the focus of the RC throughout the development of The Beacons across the 4 localities.

By establishing good relationships with both the volunteers and our community partners, this will enable clear channels of communication between everyone in order to achieve a solid workable foundation for people in recovery to flourish.

Volunteer Training Co-ordinator

The main purpose of the Volunteer Coordinator role is to ensure that the training and support of volunteers meets the needs of and recovery focused aims of The Beacons. They will ensure that all individuals interested in becoming volunteers, will have access to a range of diverse workshops and training opportunities.

Our Training Co-ordinator facilitates the personal training development of individual volunteers through the pathway of building trust and meaningful relationships. The role facilitates access to internal and external workshops, training and group work tailored to the individuals' pathway within the Beacons and beyond.

The main purpose of the Training Coordinator role is to design, develop and deliver a variety of training workshops and sessions with the aim of upskilling the volunteers and to ensure that there is a constant, relevant updated calendar of training sessions available to volunteers in order to meet aims of the Beacons; adopting approaches that will enable volunteers to contribute and participate effectively to the work of the Beacons and promote the recovery ethos. The post holder will co-ordinate and deliver volunteer training workshops and sessions; equipping them with the elements required for them to be comfortable and confident in becoming peer educators and detached outreach volunteer. The post also provides a mentoring and supervisory function to student placements and link workers

NHS Psychology

Clinical Associate in Applied Psychology (CAAP):

The role of the CAAPs within the Beacons is to deliver psychological interventions that are evidence based, trauma-informed and prioritise the input of lived experience. A key part of the CAAP role is to work in close collaboration with volunteers to develop new approaches and pathways to recovery that respond to the needs of the community. Based on this co-production, CAAPs deliver psycho-educational sessions, workshops and therapeutic groups across the Beacon localities.

The CAAPs also contribute towards the delivery of training on topics related to Mental Health and Wellbeing, as well as offering support and reflective practice for people who are volunteering and working within the Beacons. The CAAP’s are establishing links with existing statutory and voluntary services to create accessible pathways for individuals and families who are impacted by substance use.

Link Workers 

The post holders will have experience of working with and knowledge of the impact of substance misuse on individuals, families and the wider community and be able to engage and provide support to people safely and effectively. They work with people individually and in groups, in a person-centred approach; providing them with emotional and practical support to make changes to their lives and to support them to progress their recovery journey by assisting them to access interventions and opportunities that are important to them.

Link Workers provide support to people with lived experience of drug and alcohol issues on an individual and group basis; work with people in a way that promotes equality, facilitates recovery, and supports the development of the persons sense of control over their lives and recovery journey and promote, contribute to and embed an environment which encourages and supports recovery principles and recovery approaches both within the Beacons and working with individuals.

Police Scotland Link Officer

The purpose of the role is to bridge the gap between The Beacons and statutory services and between The Beacons and the community.  The Police Link Workers will make outreach links between the Police, The Beacons, partners and the community.  They will be actively involved key strategic and local forums, including the Drug Death Task Force and Criminal justice services. The Police Link Worker will also promote positive choices and challenge offending behavior amongst people who have lived experience of alcohol and drug misuse using a person-centered approach. The Police Link Worker will use links and relationships with local statuary and voluntary organisation’s to achieve this. Whilst also using these links in communities to divert more young people from serious crime and reoffending.

As the Beacons will be operation on a whole family approach the Police Link Worker will also be supporting work with families impacted by and affected by alcohol and or substance use.

Family Services

Improving family relationships that have been fractured or which are fragile is at the heart of our approach. Family members have a crucial role to play in recovery. But we also know that families need their own support too. This is why family focused initiatives are a central feature in The Beacons. We encompass various family supports and our specialist My Support Day service can provide families with the information and tailored support to make the choice of which type of family support is best for you.

The aim is to give your family emotional support and guidance on how to help you through your recovery journey. 

My Support Day

The aim of My Support Day is to offer family members, friends and loved ones whose lives have been affected by someone else’s alcohol or drug use, a safe place to come for support when they feel they need it. Currently we providing an online supprt group meeting. Dowload here

We aim to support individuals with our learnings from our certified CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) group leaders. We feel we are in a good position to run this support group as we have experienced the effect of someone else’s alcohol or drug use. We have a realistic insight to the impact on families, friends and the wider community. We focus on a highly confidential and person-centered approach to every member of My Support Day.

My Support Day is a place of non-judgement and can offer empathy and also a place of inclusion for those who need it the most. We aim to help improve the wellbeing of our members. Here they will be able to have social inclusion; our members will and can choose to participate in the group activities, discussions and access any support needed to help them through this time in their life.

All In The Family Project

The Beacons welcomes a new service, All In The Family! A partnership between Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs and My Support Day.  The service is funded by the CORRA Foundation Challenge Fund and takes a whole family approach to support anyone affected by someone else's drug or alcohol use. We use the term family inclusively, meaning we support the individual's perspective of who is their family. This can include friends, neighbours and colleagues.  Leaflet can be downloaded here 

This service will empower family members (age 16+) across South Lanarkshire to access 1:1 support, take part in group support, learning and development (including CRAFT; please see attachment) and events for the whole family. Individuals using the service can tailor their support to suit their needs.  

To refer, simply access the referral form via our website:

All In The Family is in partnership with Scottish Families, this means individuals can also make use of their helpline

(Mon-Fri 9am-11pm on 08080 10 10 11). 

Due to covid-19, All In The Family is currently working with a blended model of limited appointment-based face to face support, as well as continuing to use telephone and online support.  If you would like to learn more about the service, please feel free to respond to this email and we can arrange an online meeting to discuss.  

Contact details for All in The Family below 

Social Media (please follow for updates):  

Facebook - FamilySouthLan 

Twitter - @FamilySouthLan